UMA 2016 INT Conference: Friday, April 26

8:30 – 9:00 AM: Registration/check-in/refreshments

9:00 – 9:10 AM: Welcome remarks from Dean Greg Fahy

Fireplace Lounge (Augusta), Eastport 124 (Bangor) via Google Hangout 1

9:15 to 10:15: Morning Session I: 

Politics, Justice, & Group Dynamics

Fireplace Lounge (Augusta) & Eastport 124 (Bangor), Google Hangout 1
Moderator: James Cook, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Paul Cote – Tribal-State Relations
Lian Oyerbides – Intersections of Justice, Social Services, and Mental Health.
Jason Palmer and Sarah Lemieuz – Political Campaigns
Dan Ouellette – Interdisciplinary Measures & Designs for Group Dynamics
Rebeccah T. Smith, Belfast Re-Entry Center: Turning Lives Around

A variety of approaches reveal the limitations and possibilities of our political systems and structures.  Politics is a variably inclusive effort to answer the collective question, what shall we do?  The answer to that question relies on still further questions. Who is represented, and by whom?  Who has voice and which voices are not heard?  How are political messages shaped by forces of partisanship and identity?  Finally, outside the realm of formal politics, how do social forces shape the decision-making of informal groups?  Presenters on this panel confront these questions with one eye on theory about the political world and another eye on observation of the political world.

Tutoring & Writing

Randall 218 (Augusta) and Eastport 139 (Bangor), Google Hangout 2
Moderator: Elizabeth Powers, Assistant Professor of English

Kim Carter – Write On!
Ann Cookson – Helping Students Alleviate Writing Anxiety
Emma Banks – The Role of a Course Embedded Virtual Writing Mentor and the Importance of Access to Virtual Resources for Distance Learners

How does writing change across contexts? What role do tutors play in supporting writers across the disciplines? In this session, three writing consultants reflect on experiences and share research projects that explore answers to these questions.

10:30-11:30 AM: Morning Session II

Identity, Intersectionality, and Social Media

139 Eastport (Bangor) & Randall 218 (Augusta), Google Hangout 2
Moderator: Sarah Hentges, Associate Professor of American Studies

Carly Cloukey – Who is She?
Jessica Bishop – The Personal Is Still Political
Lisa Tissari – Intersectionality: Solutions for Assimilation
Jason Palmer – Social Media and Happiness

Intersectionality asks that we consider race, class, gender, and sexuality as well as power and politics. Women’s and Gender Studies and Social Media are spaces where we might find empowerment… and maybe even happiness.

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Health & Aging

Fireplace Lounge (Augusta) & Eastport 124 (Bangor), Google Hangout 1
Moderator: Amber Howard, Assistant Professor of Biology

Ellen Stoops – FOXO Regulation and the Resulting Impact on Lifespan for Many Different Species
Jamie Kemper – A Cavity in Maine’s Elderly Dental Care.
Chris Enman – Influence of Cigarette Advertisements in America
Karl F.W. Hance – The Effectiveness of Atheism and the Twelve Steps

Is health determined by genetics or behavior? This panel merges science, healthcare issues, advertising, and religion to discuss how our biological make-up, personal choices, and beliefs shape our lives and well being.

11:45 AM – 1:00 AM: Lunch & Keynote Speaker

Chris Scovel, Director MASS Design Group Ltd.
Introduced by Eric Stark, Professor of Architecture

Augusta, Live in Fireplace Lounge (Panera Bread), and Bangor (What’s the Scoop?), Eastport 124 via Google Hangout 1

MASS Design Group, Ltd’s “big idea”: “We design, build and advocate for better buildings, and empower the people who build them.” Chris joined MASS in 2011 and has worked on multiple projects in East and West Africa, India, Haiti and the US. He has lead design teams for new large hospital complexes, new hospital buildings, and renovations. He notes, “That architecture is a service profession need not be limiting. At MASS service is proactive and ambitious, and reaches out broadly beyond our buildings.  MASS serves those who serve others, and expands their impact in the process.”

1:15-2:15 PM: Afternoon Session I

SGA, Interdisciplinary Leadership Roundtable

Randall 218 (Augusta) and 139 Eastport (Bangor), Google Hangout 2
Moderator: Kimberly Carter, Vice-President Augusta Student Government Association
Anthony Guimond, Activities Coordinator; Roger Mackbach, President; Carmen Bragg, Executive Secretary; Patrick Caskin, Public Relations Coordinator

Leadership requires an understanding of people and ideas that cross many different disciplines. Students consider what interdisciplinary leadership looks like and how it can help us build a better student leadership structure at UMA.

The INT Colloquium Student Roundtable/Discussion

Fireplace Lounge (Augusta) and 124 Eastport (Bangor), Google Hangout 1
Moderator: Brad O’Brien, Student Representative to the Board of Trustees
Lian Oyerbides, Carly Cloukey, Kevin Martin, Sierra Scott, Jackie Estrella, Scott Hosier, Betsy Smith, Hannah Priest, Deena Staples

This semester students have heard from more than 20 faculty members about their research and teaching, ranging across almost all of UMA’s programs. From the interdisciplinarity of disciplines to the power of therapies, disaster, texts, yoga, science, music, art and more, we’ll discuss what we have learned about interdisciplinarity and why it is so important for education–at UMA and beyond.

2:30-3:30 PM: Afternoon Session II

Cuba Culture + Change

Randall 218 (Augusta) and 139 Eastport (Bangor), Google Hangout 2

Moderator, Sharon McMahon Sawyer, Assistant Professor of Justice Studies
Margaret Grant, Meghan Stanwood-Schultz, Eli Trask.

Cuba is a country of great contrast.  Cuba is a place where few Americans have gone in the past fifty years.  UMA students will talk about Cuba Culture + Change and what they learned about Cuba and its people based on their research and experiences.

Engaging Allies Across Disciplines

Fireplace Lounge (Augusta) and 124 Eastport (Bangor), Google Hangout 1
Moderators: Kevin Martin, Coordinator of Civic Engagement UMA Honors Program, and Kati Corlew, Assistant Professor of Psychology

We ARE Maine Students
Jeremy Tannis
Alicia Bessey
Jessica Bishop

We are students, but we are also community members and activists. Students talk about their Maine Wabanaki REACH and Safe Zone training experiences as well as the civic engagement work that they participate in–in and out of the classroom. What does it mean to be an ally? How can interdisciplinarity help us change our world for the better?

3:30 – 4:30 PM: Closing Reception

Fireplace Lounge  and 124 Eastport, Google Hangout 1
Closing Remarks: Roger Mackbach, President Augusta Student Government Association

  • We ARE Maine Certificates
  • Live Tweet Award #UMAINT
  • Most Sessions Attended Award
  • Bangor and Augusta Outstanding Contribution Award
  • Open Mic

7:00 PM: Jazz Student Concert

Jewett Auditorium Live
Click Here to View Live

Envok – A student vocal ensemble offering a mixture of jazz, pop, gospel and maybe even a madrigal.

Posters on Display All Day

Augusta, Fireplace Lounge
Kenneth Walden, Teaching of the Humanities and Social Sciences
Donna Davis-Rankin, The Use of Integrative Modalities to Enhance the Quality of Life for Breast Cancer Patients
Asst. Prof. Sharon McMahon Sawyer and Sarah Gardella JUS ’16, Justice in Cuba
Rachel Palmer, State of Family Therapy for Veteran Families
Megan Forbes, Advocacy and Oil Spill Reporting
Masha LaChance, Pattern of Fluorescence in the Huntington’s Disease
SGA, New Orleans Service Trip
Aging Onward, group poster

Bangor, Eastport 124
WGS 101: Praxis Projects from Soup and Substance
Habitat For Humanity
Rachael Doane, Current Therapies for OIF and OEF Veterans and Their Families After Reentry

Electronic Posters and Student Work on Display
AME/WGS 305 and WGS 101: Interdisciplinary Connections in Social Media Spaces
Karen Twidwell, Xenoestrogens Cause Breast Cancer: Nurse Advocacy and Education (PowerPoint|PDF)
New Orleans Service Trip
Interdisciplinary Colloquium Tour